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Spending the weekend in Tenby, Wales | Cocktails, sunshine, seals and Wally the Walrus

Thursday, 6 May 2021

As a child my family and I would always spend the June school holidays in Tenby, come rain or shine. Due to the pandemic I haven't really been able to get away, so I was thrilled to spend the bank holiday in Tenby as things are starting to reopen. I booked 3 nights in a Saltern caravan for just £200, this may seem steep on paper, but the cost of an Airbnb was 3/4 times as much.  The Saltern caravan park is just a short walk away from the town centre, so it was the perfect location for a short break. You can check out their website here.

Tenby Wales
Tenby South Beach Seafront

On the first day we headed down to the harbour after grabbing a breakfast roll from a little bakery and booked a trip on the wildlife boat around Caldey island. Caldey is a small island less than 1 mile off the coast. The island's population consists of about 40 permanent residents and a varying number of Cistercian monks. We were lucky enough to see the amazing birds that reside on the cliff edges and a herd of seals basking in the sea. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with the sun shining the whole trip. We also skipped the short rainfall that hit the mainland whilst we were out on the boat! Tickets cost £15 per adult, you can check out their website here.

Tenby Cadley Island Boat Trip Wales
Caldey Island, Wales

Tenby Cadley Island Boat Trip Wales
Caldey Island, Wales

After spending an hour and a half on the boat we decided we would check out some pubs in Tenby hoping to find a beer garden with some heaters, as although the sun was shining it was a little chilly in the wind. We were lucky enough to grab a table undercover (right underneath the heater!) at the Lifeboat Tavern, just a short walk away from the harbour. I love a good cocktail as much as the next person, so we worked our way through the pitchers on the menu. These were pretty pricey at £18 each but due to being on holiday we didn't mind as much! The food smelt and looked absolutely delicious, but we wanted to grab takeaway fish and chips elsewhere, so we could sit on the seafront and hopefully not get attacked by the massive seagulls (they were fine luckily!)

The Lifeboat Tavern Pub Tenby Wales

The Lifeboat Tavern, Tenby 

In the week leading up to the trip I had been searching for things to do in Tenby. I was excited to see that a Walrus has taken up a residence on the shore of Tenby, in which locals had named Wally. Walruses usually live in the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, so it is rare to see Walrus sightings around the British and Irish Isles. I was a little disappointed to have not spotted Wally on the boat trip, as we sailed right past his usual spot on the lifeboat slipway. However, I held out hope to see him the next day. Low and behold he was back, basking in the sun on the ramp. Unfortunately he didn't move around much, but I was pleased to have witnessned him nonetheless. 

Wally the Walrus Tenby Wales

Wally the Walrus, Tenby Lifeboat Slipway

Tenby Castle, Wales

Tenby Castle & Lifeboat Centre, Wales

Tenby Harbour Wales

Tenby Harbour, Wales

One of my favourite aspects of Tenby is the bright, colourful buildings, particularly situated around the harbour. Tenby is very picturesque, so it's the perfect location for anybody into photography. The town has gorgeous cobblestones and quaint, quirky independent shops that you wouldn't find in your nearest city. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will enjoy all the ice cream parlours, sweet and desert shops the town has to offer. On the Sunday evening we queued up to enter The Buccaneer pub, rated as the sunniest beer garden in Tenby and was quite clearly very popular with the locals. As we went later in the evening unfortunately, the sun had started to go down hiding behind surrounding taller buildings, making it a little shady (luckily there were heaters!) That aside the food was lovely and all reasonably priced. It is definitely a pub I would recommend visiting if you're in Tenby. 

Tenby Harbour Wales

Tenby Harbour & North Beach, Wales

Tenby consists of three beaches,  Tenby North Beach, Castle Beach and Tenby South Beach. Personally the south beach is my favourite as this is the largest of the three, making it easier to pitch up away from others. If you're a dog lover then you will also like this beach, as it is full of dogs enjoying running up the long stretch of sand and splashing in the sea. 

Tenby Castle Beach Wales

Tenby South Beach, Wales

Tenby South Beach Wales

Tenby South Beach, Wales

Tenby Castle Beach Wales

Tenby Castle Beach, Wales

If you haven't been to Tenby before then you should definitely plan on taking a trip there, even for a short weekend break. It is one of my favourite places to visit in the UK and should not be missed out on! As staycations have become increasingly popular due to coronavirus I'd love to hear if you are planning on visiting anywhere this year!

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